Apaapi Threads of Glory


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One of my favourite places to visit when I needed time alone was the seashore. Its immensity was of no concern to me, but in actual fact the ocean was calm, tranquil and vast; full of life. The rolling waves crashing onto the beach below reached in lightly touching the feet of the children playing in the sand before drawing its hand back into its body. Though I was not at the water’s side, it too reached deep into me for something unidentifiable. As I was leaving I observed again, the splendorous blue of the magnificent sea.

This handwoven honeycomb styled stole has all our hearts!


Wash Care: 

  • Hand Wash/Machine Wash
  • Medium iron.

Stole/Dupatta Colour: Yellow

Style: Honey comb design from colours extracted from Turmeric

Fabric: Handloom Cotton

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Handloom cotton fabric is woven using hand operated looms. The warp (length) and weft (width) are two sets of interlacing yarns woven by weavers on a mechanised loom that do not use electricity. Loom fabric as a result becomes soft, durable and provides more comfort in comparison to machine-made fabric. Loom fabric that is woven with love by someone, definitely gives you a unique feel and 

Handloom cotton is more breathable and therefore, feels lighter in summers and provides more insulation in winters. Also, colour penetration in handloom cotton is more, thus making it more easier fabric for dyeing. Due to better absorbance of colour, handloom cotton looks more splendid than machine-made. Most importantly, human handling lends the fabrics a unique feel and gives the fabrics greater value.

A labour intensive skill, the art of handweaving takes 20-25 days for a saree to be handwoven. Supporting handloom fabric supports our ancient heritage of rich weaving and encourages the weavers to continue practicing this precious art-form.

Dye description:

The fabric is dyed using tye and dye technique with colour extracted from Turmeric.

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