Apaapi Threads of Glory


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We go around making memories every day. Memories-happy, bittersweet, sad but most importantly these are stories, stories of our lives, stories that shape our lives. Stories that we choose to live by, believe by and work on everyday.

Apaapi brings our diary where we inscribe our ideas our stories our memories that we choose to keep with us forever.

To all new beginning and memories etched out of the chapters that we lived in our life, we wish you a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. Hoping that the coming year fulfills all our unfinished dreams and we continue to create memories together.


Front Cover- Cardamom plant fibre, Water Hyacinth, Coconut shell button, Banana Fibre woven with Cotton yarn

Back Cover- Sital Pati, Bamboo mat, Eri Silk with natural dye

Papers- 25 sheet of 5*7 inch handmade prepared from the fibrous inner bark of Argeli plant found in the state of Sikkim.

Pages are tied with ropes prepared from water hyacinth.

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