Apaapi Threads of Glory


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Mumbai monsoon is not just a season, it’s like an emotion, swishing, swaying, and soaking everyone. My memories of monsoon in Mumbai are incomplete without mentioning about cutting chai from local tapris. I remember treading all kinds of waterbodies, puddles to ditches to even ponds with my gang of girls, whom I always say mine, just to arrive at a roadside tapri for a rain soaked version of that hot, thick, sweety and milky cutting chai, served in those small ribbed glass. Cutting chai and rains share an inexplicable romance. Don’t you agree?

This tye dye handloom cotton saree is a beauty!


Length:  5.5 meters ; 

Blouse Piece: No

Wash Care: 

  • Hand Wash
  • Medium iron.

Saree Colour: Multi Color

Style: Tye Dye

Dyes: Lac(Pink), Haritaki(Black)

Fabric: Handloom Cotton saree

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Handloom cotton fabric is woven using hand operated looms. The warp (length) and weft (width) are two sets of interlacing yarns woven by weavers on a mechanised loom that do not use electricity. Loom fabric as a result becomes soft, durable and provides more comfort in comparison to machine-made fabric. Loom fabric that is woven with love by someone, definitely gives you a unique feel and 

Handloom cotton is more breathable and therefore, feels lighter in summers and provides more insulation in winters. Also, colour penetration in handloom cotton is more, thus making it more easier fabric for dyeing. Due to better absorbance of colour, handloom cotton looks more splendid than machine-made. Most importantly, human handling lends the fabrics a unique feel and gives the fabrics greater value.

A labour intensive skill, the art of handweaving takes 20-25 days for a saree to be handwoven. Supporting handloom fabric supports our ancient heritage of rich weaving and encourages the weavers to continue practicing this precious art-form.

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