About Apaapi

Saree ki sari baatein, Founder, Apaapi Threads of Glory    

 Tanmana, Founder

Tanmana, an alumnus of Lund University, Sweden, has been a hardcore techie before she decided to walk the path of entrepreneurship. Often, when she draped handloom saree from Assam, she saw that it was widely appreciated but when she tried explaining to her colleagues and friends, she found that they were quite unaware about the craft, mostly because it was not widely available in the market. Whenever she travelled back to visit her parents, she came across many traditional weavers with whom she interacted over the course of time and they used to pour their hearts out about lack of work and menial wages. She found that this was because of lack of training, infrastructure, and awareness due to which, despite having awe-inspiring skill, their livelihoods were a question mark in several instances. 

These conversations were etched deeply in her heart which motivated her to take a plunge into an industry with no prior experience or knowledge. Her passion and belief in the weaving community of the region and urge to make difference in the lives of such communities has motivated her to take the biggest risk in her career. There has been no turning back for her since then.


Apaapi's mission:-

Our team at Apaapi has been putting their heart into spreading love through sarees and apparel. Born out of passion for outfits which were designed using enchanting colours and unique motifs of North-East, but not usually available in the market, Apaapi aims to bring the products handcrafted by the magical weavers with warmth of their love from India's North East. In all this Apaapi is continuously trying to redefine handloom by merging the contemporary aesthetics that matches the taste of young India.

Every product of Apaapi has its special journey as it goes through weeks of work and craftmanship before it gets ready to be launched. The process of weaving is a celebration of centuries old tradition and the authenticity of crafts in India and every Apaapi diva, who embraces Apaapi carries the love, beauty and magic that continues to shine throughout.