Wash & Care

All Apaapi products are handcrafted from scratch, using the finest materials. The subtle variations in colour, texture and finish are intrinsic to hand made products. Our products involve crafts-based traditions of hand spinning, dyeing, weaving and embroidery. We use both natural/plant-based and azo-free commercial dyes with the goal of minimising our impact on the environment while striving for the best colour properties. An irregular weave is not a defect - handloom by definition means uncertainty when it comes to uniformity.

General Caution

  • We recommend our products to be dry cleaned as and when necessary.
  • For Eri silk garments, such as blouses and tops, we suggest you to hand wash in cold water separately with a mild shampoo and line dry under shade.
  • Like all other silk sarees, you must air your Assam Silk sarees from time to time and refold, especially Paat and Kesa Paat, to avoid creasing at the same location for an extended period of time.
  • We also advise you to store your Assam silk saree in the breathable cotton dust bag we provide with your purchase. Avoid exposure to moisture as they may leave water marks on your precious silks.
  • Natural dyed fabrics need special care owing to the properties of the dyes. Some natural dyed products tend to fade over a period of time - please do not consider it as a defect. A slight fading is the core property and beauty of these textiles.
  • Natural-dyed products must be dry-cleaned. Shawls and scarves can be washed in cold water, separately from other items, with gentle, PH neutral soap (shampoo actually works well in a pinch). You may notice a little colour escaping - this is normal for natural dyed items and will not happen after a couple of washes.
  • Never wash whites with coloured clothes. All the deeper coloured yarns are hand dyed and may tend to run the excess colour for the first 2-3 initial washes - especially indigo dye. All our garments are best washed separately in cold water.