Apaapi Threads of Glory


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Legends have it that during a battle with a demon named Analasura, Lord Ganesha ended up swallowing him. Doing so, he saved the Universe from the demon's cruelty but endured severe burns internally. Therefore, to cure, the Gods showered him with various objects like Lord Indra gifted the Moon to Ganesha, while Lord Vishnu presented the lotus. But nothing worked for the Lord. Following which 88,000 sages performed puja by offering 21 blades of the Durva to Lord Ganesha. And this offering helped Lord Ganesha heal. Medically, the juice of durva grass has been found to heal internal burning sensation.

Enjoy this festival season, creating sweet memories with your friends and families in our beautiful zari linen saree.


Length:  5.5 meters ; 

Blouse Piece: Yes(Running Blouse fabric)

Wash Care: 

  • Dry Clean
  • Medium iron.

Saree Colour: Sky Blue

Fabric: Tissue Linen saree

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One of the oldest and widely available fabric, linen is known for its versatility. It is known for its oh-so-comfortable vibe to the skin while appearing crisp and sturdy even in hot and humid conditions. This saree is a blend of linen with zari which gives the fabric an ethereal look and feel! Zari has always been used to give that special glow, making fabrics look festive and full of shine.  

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