Dressing Up For Better Mental Health

Are you feeling depressed and drained out while sitting at home, working in your pajamas or lounge wears? Finding it difficult to finish your to-do list? Are you also opening your wardrobe and looking at your dresses and sarees, want to wear them but don’t know where to anymore, since you are at home?

Let’s say this – you are not alone. In this pandemic lockdown, we all have been feeling the same. While working from home or staying at home has its advantages, it is draining energy. 

So, what can we do to ensure we keep ourselves upbeat and continue to lead the life we used to. Prepare ourselves for the new normal and take life by its stalk. The answer is DRESS UP!!! You may ask why and how?

It’s an old saying that when you wear your best clothes, you show your best self. The meaning of it never rang more true than now. It can easily be interpreted as representing your inner self with the outfit you chose for the day. During the lockdown, it became evident that when people are not dressing up while staying at home and working while wearing their loungewear, they have become unproductive. 

A recent study showed, reported by Yahoo, that 84 to 85 percent of women felt unproductive while working from home. These same women had increased productivity when they dressed up. 

There have been studies where the color and fabric we choose and how we style ourselves affect our mood and emotions. Hence, it is essential that we know how to make our physical space vibrant, including how we dress. 

We often gravitate towards dull colors when we are in a grim mood. With the present scenario, it is natural, but we need to make a conscious effort to change that, use bright and vibrant colors to draw in the energy. Its colors and dressing up in bright and vibrant colors have their energy and help you feel better. It will eventually boost your mood and give positivity to the people around you, which is very much needed in this scenario. 

So, start with self-love and self-care, and the best way to do that is to open your wardrobe, find the bright and chirpiest of the outfit, and put it on. Not for anyone but yourself. You will feel the difference. Next, when you wake up in the morning, don’t sit down to work with your PJ’s on, but freshen up and change to the clothes you would have worn for your office. 

You will feel the difference in your mood and your productivity, we promise. But also, since the world is reeling with the situation like never before, try to stick to fabrics that eat sustainably and help the world breathe better. 


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