'Saree ki sari baatein' series - Ways to get the perfect saree click with Bhavita Modi

Who does not want to look good in their photos? Whether its vacation, office party or any other social event, in this age of social media, everyone wants to get clicked at their best. Inspired by that, Apaapi dedicated the third episode of handloom and saree awareness through its flagship initiative “Saree की सारी baatein”, on how to get the prefect click in saree, in a tete-a-tete with the stunning Ms Bhavita Modi.

A travel addict turned travel blogger, Ms Bhavita Modi is a die-hard saree lover, who likes to travel in her most favourite garment. Saree has been always a comfort garment for her, but she considers it now to be her lucky garment as well. It was one of the tiger safaris, where she draped a saree and was able to sight a tigress that made her believe that saree is indeed lucky for her. Since, then saree has been her constant travel partner and she has received several appreciations because of that. We completely resonate to it and believe that saree makes every woman look beautiful. A lawyer by profession, she is active in social media, where she gives us a glimpse of her beautiful travel diaries and her saree stylings. Apaapi is forever grateful to Ms Bhavita, for taking out time to share her candid insights and tips on getting the perfect saree click.

Within the short excerpt of our conversation, which you can access it here on IGTV Live (https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIsymGuAxzk/), we have interchangeably used sarees and handwoven sarees and the hacks shared apply equally to both the categories.

Salient hacks: -

Low angle shots: Low angle shot makes someone look heroic: strong and powerful. Sharing her insights, Bhavita added, “I usually prefer to be on an elevated portion, and I ask the photographer to click on the lower angle, that helps me height wise (..)”. Indeed, low angle shots make someone appear taller.

Leave the pallu long: Versatility in the ways of draping a saree is always amazing. Getting clicked from the back by leaving your pallu long can provide you that powerful shot you always dreamt of. Bhavita in her conversation shared her insights that” If you leave the pallu long, it adds dimension from which ever angle you are taking (..) long pallu added with some air give a 3D (..) effect. Whenever I am sitting, it still helps to bring a lot of focus on the pallu when clicked in a low angle.”

Early morning or sunset: Early morning or sunset is the ideal time for photography. Its because the sun is low in the sky, shadows are softer, and the angles and length are more flattering. Warm colours of your saree will come out more prominent at this time of the day. That said, Bhavita also resonated the golden hours (early morning and sunset) to be her favourite time to get herself clicked.

Enjoy the experience: Happy faces looks the best in photos. Bhavita shared the same thought that her photos come out the best whenever she enjoys the experience of getting herself clicked. So, the most important tip, enjoy the experience.

Saree can make you look the best in photos , what requires is to follow the salient hacks put forth in the blog. Finally, Bhavita’s mantra for everyone, requires to be followed, “Enjoy the experience”.

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