Why Use Handloom Products ?

A recent visit to Assam had been quite stimulating for us. As a handloom enthusiast and promoter, we have always encouraged our associates, readers, and viewers to opt for handloom products. A close encounter with weavers of Assam, reinforced the idea of using handloom products instead of the power loom.

While we acknowledge that power loom products are cheaper than handloom garments, there are quite a few advantages of using handmade items. By buying handmade products, you will not only support a community of workers, but you are also using an environmentally friendly product, reduces carbon footprint, and offers quite a few health benefits.

Let’s look into some of the benefits of using handloom products over the power loom garments.

 Why Use Handloom Products?

India is the lead producer of handloom fabrics globally, i.e., 95% of the entire world production. It is time we support the system that offers employment to 43 lakhs of workers in the country.

Boosts the Country’s GDP: As mentioned by few weavers who now is into exports says that, when one uses and promotes handloom garments, it makes a considerable impact on the country’s GDP and economic growth.

Employment: the handloom sector does 15 percent of the fabric production of India, and while it offers direct employment to villagers across the country, it also boosts career opportunities in urban sectors. Studies have shown that investing in handloom production has an immediate and direct employment effect. Furthermore, after agriculture in India, handloom is the leading employment generator in the country.

Health benefit: Handloom products are made of natural fibers, and the weavers also use organic dyeing or eco-dyeing systems. When you use these natural fibers and dyes, it offers health benefits. For example, organic dyes use onion, turmeric, different kinds of flowers and leaves to extract the colors and imprint them on the garment which is in contact with your skin. Healing properties natural to turmeric, onion, and other natural products prove to be quite beneficial to your skin and overall health compared to artificial fibers and chemical colors.

Uniqueness: If you want to stand out wearing something extraordinary and unlike any other product in the market, handloom is the way to go. Since they are individually handmade, no products are identical, like machine-made ones. Additionally, the products can be customized, and there is a huge room for innovation and adaptability as per the customer or supplier’s requirement.

Upholds tradition: In many households, handwoven silk sarees are passed down from generation to generation. India’s handloom industry is quite old and has a rich heritage and history. By using handloom garments, you will empower the community of workers who are producing it and uphold the age-old production of creating these unique pieces of art.

It is time to consider using handloom garments and products over the power loom because it boosts the country’s economy and employs many women who are part of India’s self-help group. The garments also help you enhance your look and style and stand out in the crowd with pride by promoting something handmade.

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